Who are we?  Why Rockstar Ridez?  Well first let me introduce myself, my name is Robert Emery, I have been a muscle car fan, enthusiast, and builder for almost 20 years.I have worked at several restoration & custom car shops in San Diego.  Ive had the privileged of working along side some very awesome people who have helped mold me into who i am today being a part of very amazing builds, from restorations of real Shelby’s to completely custom one of a kind cars, TV & Magazine shoots.  

I’ve had one heck of a ride so far.  

 After so many years of doing this for a living it was time to go out on my own, and see my own vision.  Thats what Rockstar Ridez is all about.  Seeing a vision and creating it, building a dream, living a dream, passionately and proudly.  I am a father first and foremost, a custom car designer builder and musician.  I can’t think of a better way to live my life, or a better way to put food on the table.  Ive always been told work smarter not harder, to follow your dreams and passions, to forge your own way in this world, and thats exactly what I have done.  So come inside, check out what were doing, lifes all about passion, come see what mine is.  

Whats yours?