This questioner is built to help us figure out what your needs are so we can recommend the right parts, and process of your build.  Everyone's needs are different so this helps us narrow it down.

What is my year make and model?

This will help us ensure that we get the right parts that fit the first time.

What kind of driver am I?

What is your daily driver?  Have you done auto crossing? Do you have a lead foot?

What is my budget?

This is a tricky one, but its important to figure out how much you want to spend, what you can spend, and what your wants & needs are.


Am I an automatic driver or a manual driver?

Do you wanna shift gears, or do you want to put it in gear and drive?  Don't forget you can have a manual or automatic paddle shift car as well.


Do I want Paint and Body, Interior, Mechanically Sound, or Just get her up and driving and do her in phases?

This is a tricky one, but its important to figure out if you want to get on the road right away, or put the time into building your dream car right the first time.


Do I want her quiet, or loud?

Exhaust plays a huge part in this, but believe it or not so does weather stripping, body gaps, and sound deadning.


Am I after a Driver, Restoration, GMachine, or RestoMod?

This is going to boil down how much time you want to spend being the wheel, if you want newer technology, or want classic looks under the hood.  This effects brakes, suspension, steering and wheels too!